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We are the Exclusive Distributor in Asia for Go-Cat, the Famous Brand of Handcrafted Feather Cat Toys from USA. We are continue to bring this wonderful, natural & interactive cat toys to Asia region.

We are sourcing and poularizing any high-quality, healthy pet products to all of you. The most recent ones are Panic Mouse toys, Frolicat DART toy and all auto-feeders & Litter Kwitter Cat toilet training kits.

If any of you are retailer or web-seller, you are welcomed to be partner of us. Please kindly contact us by e-mail at or by fax at (+852-34868703). We are available for any business cooperations.

我們是美國 GO-CAT 品牌在亞洲的獨家總代理,使廣大用家可以隨時用到這有趣、天然、互動的玩具,跟你心愛的貓咪一同玩耍。

我們現時致力於發掘更多高質、健康的寵物用品(例如:Panic Mouse玩具、Frolicat激光玩具、Litter Kwitter貓咪如廁訓練套裝、以及各款自動餵糧機),會盡快推出市場給各廣大用家選購。我們更會盡力擴大銷售網絡,及定期更新「銷售網絡」頁面,以便各位可容易購買本上公司所代理之產品。

如閣下是零售商或網站業者,我們都歡迎透過電郵 (或傳真 (+852-34868703) 跟我們聯絡,合作 / 銷售的大門隨時為大家打開,在此懇請諸位多多指教,並預祝大家合作愉快,生意蒸蒸日上。

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